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Brand and Visual Voice

This sections explains logo, color scheme and typography defined for the overall website. Brand and visual voice was defined to maintain the visual and stylistic consistency of the NIH Enterprise Architecture website as it grows and evolves.

Based on the business context and user research work as well as the understanding of the scope for the NIH enterprise architecture website, we have selected the following brand attributes:

  • Informative: Educate and support multiple users with multiple needs
  • Valuable: Meant to be used, not just "check compliance box"
  • Task-Oriented: Focus on needs and requirements of users
  • Forward-Looking: Oriented to the future as well as the present
  • Easy: Easy to find and use information
  • Supportive: Supportive of business across NIH
  • Collaborative: Fosters collaboration in content development and community building

Use the following links to review how these brand attributes are represented as visual voice and tone for the NIH Enterprsie Architecture website. Please also refer to Content Design section of the style guide to review how these brand attributes need to be communicated in terms of content voice and tone.

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Last Updated: 2005.04.25